{30 by 30}

I know this doesn't really pertain to beauty and fashion, but it's my blog so, I'll do what I want. LoL! No, but in all seriousness, this year, I'll be turning 30 (woo-hoo!) in August. As a child, I remember that turning 30 was OLD! Now, as an adult I don't think it's old at all! LoL! So, in lieu of my 30th b-day I decided to make a list of ALL the things I want to accomplish before the big day - wish me luck! If you have a birthday coming up, I suggest you make a list of the things you'll want to accomplish, too. Tell me what you did, as I may get some ideas for my 31st birthday! 

  • Visit the beac
  • h {Myrtle Beach:05/21/12, VA Beach: 07/04/12, Sunset Beach: 07/21/12}
  • Wog (walk+jog) a 5K race
  • Make a piece of jewelry
  • Cook/prepare more healthier foods to eat
  • Bake something from 
  • SCRATCH! {06/02/12}
  • Go skinny dipping
  • Go on a hike
  • Go zip-lining
  • Visit Charleston, SC
  • Go on a cruise
  •  {07/03/12}
  • Make over my blog
  •  {03/23/12}
  • Take more pictures (thanks Uncle Ron for the advice)
  • Go to a Minor League Baseball game
  • Attend a NHL Hockey game
  •   {03/21/12}
  • Take a paddle boat ride
  •  {08/04/13}
  • Take a horse carriage tour
  • Give more HUGS
  • Encourage 5 people
  • Get a new digital camera
  •  {08/04/12, b-day gift from babe}
  • Hula Hoop
  •  {04/07/12}
  • Read a book {or two}
  • Attend a baby shower
  • {or two}  {Baby James' Baby shower - 04/14/12}
  • Go on a paintball excursion 


  1. Chick more than half of these things you could have called me and been done with...Papa Mojo's is my spot!! I've been wanting to go on a winery tour, indoor skydiving...yes!! Paintball...yes!! We gone kill this list over the summer.

  2. Well, how should I know that Papa Mojo's is you spot? Lol! ITA, this list will get murk'd this summer, and I can't wait! LEGGO!