Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Red She Said

 Ahhh, the undeniable iconic red lippie - wearing it says sexy, chic, and classy all at once! I can admit that I haven't always embraced wearing red lipstick (I don't know what my problem was), and I've JUST started wearing the lippie as of late. My first purchase was Revlon's Really Red (a great inexpensive starter red lipstick by the way). I purchased mine at my local Walgreens. Revlon's Really Red is a blue based (semi) matte finish which I LOVE! Blue based reds are known for being a teeth whitener, too (another great bonus) which is another reason why you should grab a red lippie! Anyhoo, the next red lipstick in my collection is MAC's Ruby Woo (my favorite out of my collection). It too, is another matte blue based red, although word of caution it is VERY DRYING (think Sahara, people) and not as forgiving as Revlon's Red Really. You WILL need to apply lip conditioner before applying Ruby Woo (no ifs and buts about it). My next two reds are basically identical to each other as the previous two other lipsticks are as well. MAC's Lady Danger is a bright matte coral red (check out my post here) and Revlon's Really Red is a slightly darker creamy version of Lady Danger (basically a dupe). On my red lippie wish list are MAC's Russian Red (purchased), MAC Red, and Viva Glam I (purchased), So Chaud (maybe, lol). Tell us what is/are your favorite red lipstick(s)? 

L to R: Revlon Really Red, MAC Ruby Woo,  MAC Lady Danger, Revlon Fire and Ice


  1. My vote is for the Mac Ruby Woo. I had a red lipstick long ago but when I finished it, I never replaced it. This makes me want to get another tube. Very pretty colors.

  2. I love Ruby Woo, too! lol! Yes, girl you need to go out and re-up on a red lipstick.

  3. my favorite red lip is viva glam 1 by mac! always love it when i put it on!