Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Yoli Loves Personal Page for 2012 Winter Walk for AIDS

Yoli Loves Personal Page for 2012 Winter Walk for AIDS

I'm so glad I participated in this years' walk, and with the help of family WE were able to raise $52 for the cause! :) That may not seem like a lot, but that could be bus fare for someone to get back and forth from their doctors appointment. I'm grateful to be able to help someone out in that capacity, and next year I'm looking forward to doubling or tripling that amount!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Loc Products Review

A mini review of the products that I use and don't use on my locs. ENJOY!

1. onyin handmade frank juice :)
2. shea moisture raw shea butter reconstructive elixir :)
3. carol's daughter black vanilla (moisturizing) leave-in conditioner :(

Wish List Product(s): 1. EDEN BodyWorks All Natural Jojoba Oil 2. EDEN BodyWorks All Natural Peppermint Tea Tree Oil

Lippie featured in video: MAC's Yung Rapunxel

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

CDC trying out free rapid AIDS test at drugstores - Health/Science -

I don't know if people would get tested at the drug store. I'm hoping they do! I volunteer at a non-profit health clinic, and getting some of the patients to test is like tooth and nail. I'm very thrilled about the CDC efforts for rapid testing. It's the privacy issue that I'm most concerned with though. I'm going to do some more digging to see if I can find out some more information about this pilot program. I just came across this article this AM, and thought it was an interesting read. Happy Tuesday, everyone!! :0) 

CDC trying out free rapid AIDS test at drugstores - Health/Science -

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Moving on Up!

I have not forgotten you all! I'm in the process of moving to another apartment, so bear with me. Don't you just love moving (side eye).

Monday, May 21, 2012

Vacation Time

Oh, yes it's time! Yoli is at the beach! Yes, and eek! Yes, because I'm finally devoting time away from work and eek because I'm going to be at the beach, and what do women normally wear while on the beach (cue suspenseful music): BATHING SUITS (cue high-pitch scream, lol)! I'm a pear shaped gal, so over the weekend I was in high pursuit of finding a bathing suit to fit my curvaceous needs. I found my bathing suit on my first stop at Old Navy!

Old Navy, $44.94 
I love it because I can conceal my little pooch tummy, (forgive me, I wasn't doing my crunches like I was supposed to in Fall) giving me a long lean look and it's PURPLE, my fav color. So, my greatest fear and anxiety is over, and I found my bathing suit in one store. Ladies don't be afraid like I was, go and shop for your bathing suit for your body type! Here's a link from Real Simple that may prove helpful for you while out shopping: