Monday, May 21, 2012

Vacation Time

Oh, yes it's time! Yoli is at the beach! Yes, and eek! Yes, because I'm finally devoting time away from work and eek because I'm going to be at the beach, and what do women normally wear while on the beach (cue suspenseful music): BATHING SUITS (cue high-pitch scream, lol)! I'm a pear shaped gal, so over the weekend I was in high pursuit of finding a bathing suit to fit my curvaceous needs. I found my bathing suit on my first stop at Old Navy!

Old Navy, $44.94 
I love it because I can conceal my little pooch tummy, (forgive me, I wasn't doing my crunches like I was supposed to in Fall) giving me a long lean look and it's PURPLE, my fav color. So, my greatest fear and anxiety is over, and I found my bathing suit in one store. Ladies don't be afraid like I was, go and shop for your bathing suit for your body type! Here's a link from Real Simple that may prove helpful for you while out shopping:

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  1. Super cute swimsuit!! Finding the perfect suit in one stop is impressive. I have a really difficult time finding swimsuits because I'm top heavy...then when I do they're crazy expensive. I'm definitely jealous that you found one for $45!! Have fun on your trip!