Wednesday, March 21, 2012

MAC's Lady Danger

I just received my online order from MAC Cosmetics for (*drum roll, please)...Lady Danger lipstick! I can't wait to swatch it and try it on for you all! Stay tuned...

Update: {03/23/12}
Every so often, I hear from Women of Color (WOC) (especially from the darker skin toned ladies) that we can't wear a color like Lady Danger, but that's a BOLD FACE lie! I did, and I'm doing it...doing it...doing it well (insert shamelessly old school hip hop plug for LL Cool J, lol). I digress, back to the matter at hand. I finally was able to swatch Lady Danger and I absolutely love it. It's fun and super BRIGHT! It's definitely the red-orange lippie I've been on the hunt for, and it's just in time for Spring and Summer. 

Products used: MAC Lady Danger l/s & MAC Currant l/l

Also, on my wish list is NARS Heat Wave, a semi-matte orange-red lipstick and NARS Wonder lipgloss, a golden shimmery orange-pink lipgloss. So, if you haven't went out in bought a red-orange lippie, what are you waiting for? GO try one. Other less inexpensive notable lippies are Revlon's Colorburst in Coral and Covergirl's Hot. What are some bright lippies that are your favs that you wear? 

{Disclaimer: All product(s) were purchased with my money unless otherwise noted.}


  1. a bright lippie that i adore wearing is MILANI rose hip, it's a super bright pink and i love it!

    1. Hi, Jo! Is that a blue based pink? I can only rock blue based pinks, yellow tones I can't do to SAVE my life!!